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How to make your blah days not-so-blah

Have you ever had an off day? You’re not sad, but you’re also not happy. It’s almost like you feel a sense of nothingness, emotionless.

When I have these days, I say I feel “blah.” The only definition I have for this feeling is above, and if people ask what I mean when I say I feel like this, I say, “I just feel blah,” with a shrug.

When people have these days, it’s easy to get sucked in.

It’s easy to let yourself think that this day is ruined, and that you’d be better off staying in bed not talking to anyone or doing anything. Heck, it’s easy to just lay in bed all day and do this, why not?

Well, for one, you’re wasting a day.

We only get so many days on this wonderful, beautiful earth, so why would you want to waste one? Would you be satisfied knowing your last day on earth was spent binge watching Breaking Bad? (That may sound great, but no, you wouldn’t. Trust me.)

I’m not saying to fly out of bed and pretend that everything is okay, because that won’t make you feel any less blah. Instead, I have come up with a comprehensive, well-thought out plan. One of which I am thinking of as I type, but still comprehensive, nonetheless.

Step 1: Watch Netflix

Or Hulu or a movie or regular ol’ cable. The key in this is to set a time limit. Otherwise, you will not move all day. If you wake up at 10 a.m. and you feel blah-ness coming on, tell yourself you’re getting out of bed by 11:30, and turn on the TV. Just make sure you have the willpower to actually get up.

By staying in bed for an hour, you give yourself the opportunity to sulk in your blah-ness before actually beginning your day.

Step 2: Think of a happy moment

Think of a day or time when you were completely, truly happy. It could be yesterday when your friend made you laugh so hard that you cried or it can be when your dad took you fishing when you were 7. Whatever your moment is, bring it to the front of your mind.

Step 3: Immerse yourself in that moment

Once you brought your happy moment to the front of your mind, picture yourself there. Close your eyes and actually be there. What were you wearing? Where were you? Who were you with? What was the weather like? Do you feel a light, warm breeze or a cool, crisp breeze? Do you smell anything in particular? Use all five of your senses to put yourself into that moment.

Step 4: Feel the happiness

Once you put yourself in that moment, you will be able to actually sense what your emotions were. Think of how you laughed. Remember how your cheeks hurt from smiling so much. Feel the wave of contentment washing over you, relaxing your body. Remember what it felt like to feel truly happy.

Step 5: Snap back into reality

After spending time in your moment, open your eyes and take yourself back to reality. You may feel the blah-ness coming back, and that’s fine. Just hold onto that happy moment and remember that there’s another one on its way. Get up, get dressed, and get your day started.

As you go through your day remember that happy moment. Know that today may not be one of those days, but one of those happy days is just around the corner. Today may be blah, but you have absolutely no idea how great tomorrow is going to be.

Just live the rest of your day as best as you possibly can. Get a few hugs. Give a few hugs. Listen to happy music. Go for a long walk. Think about your happy moment that you pictured at the beginning of the day.

Personally, I think having a blah day every once in a while is good. It shows you that life isn’t all rainbows and butterflies, and it makes you appreciate those days when you experience those happy moments.

Just keep reminding yourself that you’re having a blah day, not a blah life. Look towards tomorrow.


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