A Little Motivation For Your Tuesday

Everyone hates Mondays, but I personally despise Tuesdays.

Mondays are the beginning of the week. Sure, it’s difficult to get out of bed, and maybe you put your shoes on the wrong feet, but that’s expected. If you’re at school or work and your brain is kind of missing, then people tend to empathize with you.

“It’s okay, it’s Monday.”

But, for some odd reason, we’re all supposed to have our lives together by Tuesday. You have to have your brain on alert, your socks are expected to match, and people do not empathize with you for being a little slow-going. Not fair.

Honestly, I hate Tuesdays more than Mondays. I’m twice as tired, I have more classwork to do, and I’m already 110% done with the week (and it’s only Tuesday). Not to mention Tuesday is just a random day of the week. Saturday and Sunday are the weekend, Monday is the beginning of the week, Wednesday is hump day, Thursday is almost Friday, and Friday is, well, Friday.

But Tuesday….

Tuesday is the hurdle cliff that you have to climb over to get on with the rest of your week. It’s one big struggle, and it is not fun.

On the other hand…

Tuesday is almost Wednesday and Wednesday is almost Thursday and Thursday is almost Friday, so technically Tuesday is basically Friday, right? It’s a long shot, but it’s what I have to say to myself to get through the day.

Okay, let me get to the heart of this post, because my posts always have a little lesson thrown in there.

You have to do whatever works for you in order to get through something. Whether it be getting through a Tuesday (this week is especially rough), getting through an intense workout, or even getting through eating those disgusting brussel sprouts. (Because who even likes brussel sprouts?)

Your mind tricks you into thinking that you can’t do something when in reality, you totally can. You make everything seem 100x worse just by thinking that it is going to be bad. Now, if you can make yourself think that everything is terrible when it really isn’t, then couldn’t you make yourself think that everything is great, when it’s actually not?

Logically, yes. So why not try it? Make today, and everyday, great. Just because you can.

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