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Find Your Wolfpack

Growing up, there is so much pressure to morph into the people you surround yourself with. The pressure is so intense that for a while, we do form into our friends, family members, peers, etc. You do it unknowingly, and sometimes that subconscious decision sticks with you for the rest of your life.

Think about it. In grade school, you are around the same friend group for 5 to 8 years. In that time period, your attitudes and beliefs start to mesh with the people you surround yourself with. You may not realize it at the time, but looking back, it is 100% true. You all become one person.

By the time you get to high school, you’re ready to become another person. You’re eager to get out there and make new friends, but sometimes that is not the case. You may make a couple new friends, but you always gravitate to your old ones, because you are still “one.” You don’t have the ability to open your eyes to new experiences and become a better version of yourself.

You have to let go.

Let go of your old friends. I’m not saying to completely forget about them and make all new friends, but you need to allow yourself to become open to others. This is incredibly difficult for so many people, and many times people don’t allow themselves to actually do this until they’re college-age. At that time, you’re forced to meet new people. You’re forced to truly find yourself.

But you have to find yourself first.

At first it’s terrifying. And I mean absolutely hand-shaking, voice-trembling terrifying. I mean, who wouldn’t be scared of abandoning the person you thought you were and becoming a “new” version of yourself. You have to shake that feeling, and just let yourself become who you were meant to be.

Do things that you have always wanted to do with no regard of how others view it. Give time to yourself. Actually sit there and find yourself. Think about what you believe in, what you love to do, and what makes you happy. Because in the end, what truly matters is you. 

Honestly, it’s such a freeing feeling to be able to be comfortable with who you are and what you believe in. It makes it feel okay to be alone. Just you and your thoughts. And the best part about finding your true self, is that you can find people that actually see the world the same way you do.

There’s no better feeling than having someone love you for being your true, genuine self.

It’s okay not to run with the “pack,” because eventually you will find someone to run alongside with you. You will create your own wolfpack.


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