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A Little Messed Up But We’re All Alright

Perfection is impossible. You will never have the perfect body, the perfect partner, the perfect job, or even the perfect life. I’m not trying to harsh your mood, but it’s true. Everyone and everything has its own little quirks that makes it imperfect. Case closed.

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. It’s a very good thing, actually. If everyone and everything were perfect then what kind of life would that be? The same perfect events over and over. Nothing going wrong. Nothing new happening. Just perfection. Boring.

It’s those quirks that makes everything interesting. Maybe I just look at it that way because I am the most imperfect human to ever exist (I fall down/embarrass myself a lot), but it really makes sense if you think about it. Personally, I’d much rather be imperfect than perfect. Think about how much pressure it is to maintain a “perfect” appearance. Physically and mentally. Sometimes I look like crap and sometimes I go absolutely insane, but could you imagine if you were under the pressure to look amazing and be composed 100% of the time??

No, thank you. That’s not for me.

Even the people you see on social media, television, etc. that you think are perfect are far from it. You may see someone who has the perfect body and think to yourself, “Ugh, I’d give anything to look like that,” but he or she may look at their body and think, “Ugh, I’d give anything to not look like this.” Do you see my point? Instead of embracing our quirks, we strive to look or be like someone else. What we may want about someone may be that person’s “quirk” that they would like to change.

It’s a vicious cycle of self-hate.

We’re all messed up. Every single one of us. No one 100% loves themselves and everything in his or her life (sad, but true). So, instead of striving to change ourselves, why can’t we all just accept the fact that it is not and it never will be perfect? I feel a huge weight off of my shoulders just thinking about it. It’s like I can actually breathe now.

Take that weight off of your shoulders, take a deep breath, and prepare yourself to be perfectly imperfect.

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