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To the People Who Have Everything Handed to Them

We all know those people who get everything and anything they want from their parents. They don’t have a job, yet they have a brand new car and the most up to date clothing and accessories. They get everything they ask for, and they have the attitude that comes with being spoiled beyond belief.

Here’s a letter (Or an open letter? To be honest I’m not quite sure what is classified as that.) to the people who have everything handed to them without any effort:

I used to envy you.

I envied you in high school when I’d see you pulling into the parking lot with a brand-new car. I’d look at you with disgust because I had an 11-year-old dodge neon that was handed down to me from my sister, which was handed down to her by my step mom, and there you were with your nice, new car. You didn’t understand how lucky you were.

I envied you when I’d see you walking down the hallway in your nice clothes and shoes and wonder how you could afford new clothes every week when I can’t even afford Chipotle.

I envied you when you would talk about how you didn’t have a job, but it didn’t matter because your parents gave you money for everything. Meanwhile I sat there thinking about what my dad told me when I started driving. “You have two weeks to get a job before you lose your driving privileges.” Of course, I applied to every place in the mall the next day because I’d rather die than have to ride the bus to school as a junior.

In high school, you had everything, and I have to admit, I was extremely jealous, but now its different.

I pity you.

I pity you because you don’t know what it’s like to have a strong work ethic, which is something that every person needs in life.

I pity you because you don’t know what it feels like to see your bank account go from $10 to $310 after two weeks of hard work.

I pity you because you don’t know what it feels like to have a job for what seems like forever, and get that promotion that you were striving for the past 3 years.

I pity you because you have have never felt that incredible feeling of signing your very own check for your very own car purchased completely with your money.

I pity you because you are completely dependent of your parents, whereas I can successfully live on my own with no monetary help.

I pity you because you have no idea what it’s like you earn what you have and to be proud of it.

And I pity you because you have the mindset that life is completely materialistic, when it’s so much more than that.


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