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These Little Moments

The term life is so vast. There can be so many meanings, so many things that intertwine with the word life. It’s pretty hard to wrap your mind around, BUT for some reason, my genius was showing today (SpongeBob reference) and I had a major breakthrough about life and all of the intimidating connotations that comes along with it.

Life is nothing but a bunch of moments jumbled into one person. Happy moments, sad moments, moments where you have no idea why you did what you did, moments where you think back and wish you would’ve used your brain more, moments where you hit rock bottom and saw no way of things getting better. Moments.

Honestly, I genuinely hope that your moments mostly consist of happy moments, but realistically, there are going to be not-so-happy moments, and that’s what I’m trying to get at with this post.

The key word here is moments (if you couldn’t tell by the repetitiveness of the word). When going through a tough time, so many people forget this. They don’t see their current struggle as a moment. They get sucked in and they see no way out of it.

Think of a problem that you have dealt with recently.

Seriously, think of one or you will not get the point.

Got it?

Alright, here we go.

In your moment, how would you rate your sadness, frustration, anger, etc level? I know that at my worst, I have been fed up with everything and see no way out. But hey, guess what, I still made it living all happy and such, and you’re sitting here reading this all happy and such, so we must’ve gotten through whatever moment made us incredibly unhappy.

What I’m trying to say here is that there is so much more to your life than a moment. You bury yourself so deep into this situation that you completely forget that there is SO MUCH MORE to life than what is going on in this itty-bitty moment.

Next time you go through this, you have to sit back, look around, and evaluate what’s going on. You can’t let this moment of unhappiness consume you, because there are so many more moments of utter joy that await you, and you do not want to miss out on them.

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