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What’s The Point of Birthdays Anyway?

Considering it’s my birthday today (weeeeeee) why not write a not-so-cliché post about birthdays?

Since you were born (duh) you’ve have been celebrating your birthday every year, and it always seems to be the same old thing. You wake up, get birthday wishes from your friends and family, maybe get a little bit of special treatment throughout the day if you’re lucky, and end it with cake, ice cream, and presents. Then, the next day you wake up and everything goes back to the way it was. You don’t feel any different, and you fall back into the same routines.

With that being said, what’s even the point of all the celebration if you just go back to being your same old self???

There is no point.

Just kidding, I make a point out of everything.

The celebration is because you made it another year of life, and that is a huge accomplishment. You put up with all of the ups and downs of life for an entire year, so celebrate. You survived another year of life, which others were not as lucky, so celebrate. You put up with life’s everyday annoyances, so celebrate.

After all of the celebration, 90% (if not more) of us tend to fall back into the same routine. Personally, I don’t decide to change myself around New Years, I do it around my birthday. It makes it less intense. (If that makes sense.) You don’t have the pressure of everyone else trying to make themselves better people along with you. It allows you to focus on only yourself. Your goals. Your aspirations.

I also believe that with every year that passes in age, you get stronger and wiser. Throughout the year you go through certain events that “test” you. They may test your morals, strengths, beliefs, etc., and with every “test” that passes, you learn a lesson. You gain more knowledge about the world around you. Knowledge that people only get with time.

Your birthday signifies a new you. It’s the time to shed off everything from the previous year, and show the world your new skin. Flaunt it.

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