Embracing fall, Embracing change

Sometimes when I’m driving home from class, I like to take the scenic route. This consists of driving through the Cleveland Metroparks, feeling the warm sun on my skin, and taking in the scenery around me. Every so often, it’s worth adding an extra 10 minutes to my drive just to sit back and enjoy what the world has to offer.

I do this now more than any other time, because, well, I love the fall. I love the way the cool, crisp air comes pouring into my warm car through the small opening in my driver’s side window. I love looking at the colors of the trees—the waves of green, then yellow, then red, then orange, and back to green again. I love seeing the people walking through the parks, enjoying this brief moment of perfect weather between the sweltering heat of summer and the blistering cold of winter.

It almost breaks my heart to know that this perfect slice of life is so brief. It seems like fall in northeast Ohio only lasts about two weeks. Before you know it, the trees are bare, the sun is (almost always) hidden behind the clouds, the cold air rolls in, and the ground is covered in snow. Fall is simply the transition between winter and summer—it’s the time of change.

Wouldn’t it be great if we loved changes in life as much as we love changes in season? If we could sit there and soak up the beauty of change instead of dreading what’s to come? We should look at life’s changes the way we look at fall.

Let’s take my life for example. In less than two months (holy crap, less than two months?) I will be graduating from college. Since I do not plan on going to grad school after graduation, I have no other choice but to enter into the adult world. During this time, my life will consist of nothing but change.

I will no longer be attending classes. I will no longer be dependent on my parents. I will no longer live with my parents. Instead, I will be working full-time, looking for my own place to live, picking out various insurances, paying bills, and living completely on my own.

For a while, I will be living in the transition period of student to working adult, and I am terrified. I imagine that I will be lost, confused, and even lonely. I will have questions, and I won’t exactly know what to do with myself, but that’s okay. Instead of dreading this time of change, I will choose to embrace it.

Just like I find complete and utter beauty in the transition of summer to winter, I will find the beauty in this transition of my life.

The rush I will get by beginning my career will be my cool, crisp air coming through my driver’s side window. The array of paint swatches for my very own home will be my wave of green, yellow, orange, and red trees. I will be one of those people strolling through the parks, because I will no longer be consumed with homework. I will enjoy this seemingly perfect time of change between my being a student to being a working adult.

When you are faced with change, instead of becoming stressed and overwhelmed, just think of it as your fall. Look for the beauty in it, and enjoy it. Don’t worry or stress about what’s to come, instead, focus on and enjoy the beautiful change of your life.



Just for fun, I’ll share something with you. Today is opening day for the Cleveland Cavaliers. For those of you who don’t know, I am a huge Cavs fan. When I sat down to write this post, I was so excited thinking about the game, that I couldn’t focus. So, I typed out my feelings before writing this post. I hope all of my fellow Cavs fans can relate. Enjoy 🙂

I am SO BEYOND EXCITED for the Cavs game tonight. I feel like a little kid on Christmas waiting for Santa to come. My blood is rushing through my veins, and I feel like I am moving a mile a minute (Coffee may or may not be a factor in that). I absolutely cannot wait for LeBron to dunk on Kyrie (soon to be Cryrie am I right) multiple times tonight and put him back in his place. The Cavs are going to do great things this year, and I absolutely cannot wait to see what is to come. I’m not going to say anything because I don’t want to jinx it (I may not be superstitious but I am a little stitious). My Office-loving readers will enjoy that. Anyway, IT’S BASKETBALL SEASON BABY!!!! GO CAVS!!!

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