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Find The One

Love | noun | ləv

  1. An intense feeling of deep affection.

It’s hard to believe that such an abstract emotion is summed up into these six words. This definition doesn’t even do it justice. In fact, any definition wouldn’t be enough to sum up the feeling of love. Love is more than what words can describe.

In your lifetime you will love many people. Some as friends, some as family, some as temporary loves, and if you’re lucky, you will find that one person who makes you feel whole. That person makes your heart skip a beat, that person makes you feel safe. That person makes you feel like the best version of yourself that could possibly exist.

With 7.4 billion people on earth, how are you supposed to know when someone is “the one” for you? It’s easy.

Find the one who makes you feel at home. Whose warm embrace is all you need to feel safe.

Find the one who fights for you. Who refuses to let you go until you have tried and tried and tried again.

Find the one who misses you. Who yearns for you every moment of every day.

Find the one who cares. Who cares about those silly little moments that may seem insignificant in the long run, but matter today.

Find the one who opens a new world for you. Who pushes you to do things you have never dreamt of doing.

Find the one who knows you. Who knows how to make your face light up, even on the darkest days.

Find the one who lets you go. Who doesn’t mind when you want to have a night out with friends, because he knows you will always come back.

Find the one who wants a future. Who watches HGTV with you and plans what your future house will look like.

Find the one who remembers. Who remembers the little things, like how you do a little dance when you’re excited to eat your McDonald’s french fries.

Find the one who is open. Who is willing to try things that you love doing. Simply because he loves spending time with you.

Find the one who your family adores. Who isn’t afraid to get teased by your older siblings, and who can give it right back to them.

Find the one who loves you unconditionally. 24/7. No matter what. This person will show you that love is more than “an intense feeling of deep affection.” Love is something you can’t describe, and when you find the one you will love forever, you’ll know.

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