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Is Love What We Think It Is?

Since it’s February, and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, let’s talk about love. (Sorry single people, you’re loved too though.)

What is love? Is love even a real thing? Or, maybe, it’s something that humans have completely made up.

Today’s concept of love has resorted to good morning/good night texts, being someone’s #mcm or #wcw, posting tweets about each other, and having “relationship goals.” (Whatever the hell that means.) It’s pitiful.

Let’s go back and pretend we live in the 1950’s. No social media, rarely any (if that) technology, there was no “talking” or “Facebook official,” and you showed your affection in real-life, face to face. Crazy, I know. What would you consider love back then? Maybe some flowers? Chocolate? Jewelry? Even if that is what’s considered love, it’s pitiful.

Love – ləv/ – noun – 1. an intense feeling of deep affection.

An intense feeling of deep affection. So that’s what love is. But honestly, I don’t think that definition describes it enough. Let me explain my definition of love to you.

Love is truly caring about someone, no matter what. It’s waking up at 3 a.m. to a phone call of someone hysterically crying, and talking to them until they fell better. It’s staying up all night taking care of someone who has a 103 degree fever. It’s seeing someone at their absolute worst, and still deciding to stick around.

Love is doing everything you can to make the other person as happy as possible. It’s going to see a movie you really don’t like, just because the other person wants to see it. It’s sacrificing a night out just to sit at home, eat pizza, and watch Netflix together. It’s making their happiness your number one priority (and vice versa.)

Love is trusting that person to make the right decision. It’s letting go of them to enjoy a night out with their friends, and trusting that they will come home to you. It’s not interfering with their life decisions, because you know that they will do what is best. It’s completely trusting them with your heart and soul, and knowing that they won’t hurt it.

That’s what love is.

No matter who you love. Mom, dad, brothers, sisters, boyfriend, girlfriend, grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. That is what love is. You have to know what it is in order to feel it, and once you feel a love like this, never let it go.

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