How-to achieve happiness every single day 

Happiness is something we all strive for. We want a life full of greatness, smiles, and laughs. We want to do what we love and be with people that make us feel whole. We want to be happy.

But what is happiness? What does it mean to actually be “happy”? How do we get there?

There have been many times when I’ve said to myself “I miss being happy. I can’t wait to be happy again one day.” As if I am waiting for happiness to find me, instead of me finding happiness.

When we think of happiness, we think of immense joy. Smiling from ear to ear, laughing with our friends and family, doing and saying silly things that make us feel free and alive. Yes, that is one aspect of happiness, but that is not happiness as a whole. Sometimes, happiness is simply a moment in time.

Happiness can be seeing your dog after a long day at work. Watching it jump up and down. Seeing the unconditional love radiate from it, and filling your heart and soul.

Happiness can be the warm smile of a stranger. Walking past someone and noticing that they care enough to take time out of their day to acknowledge you.

Happiness can be eating your favorite food. Taking a bite into that warm, gooey chocolate cake, and feeling the contrast of the cold vanilla ice cream hit your taste buds.

Happiness can be watching your favorite TV show. Laughing when they laugh, crying when they cry, and immersing yourself into their fictional world.

Happiness can be talking to someone you care about. Listening to the tone of their voice get higher when they get excited about something, and watching their animated facial expressions as they tell you about their day.

Life is made up of moments, and those moments contain every emotion we can feel. Therefore, to find happiness, you have to look into those moments throughout your day.

It doesn’t come easy. You don’t just look around and feel happy. You have to dive into your world. Analyze what’s happening around you.  You have to constantly look for the happy moments in your everyday life. It sounds tedious, but you will eventually begin seeing it with ease. You won’t have to search for happiness anymore. You will automatically see it in your life.

Happiness is a choice, and you choose every single day whether or not to be happy. Don’t wait for happiness to find you. Instead, go out into the world, take it by the reins, and find happiness yourself. You will soon realize that happiness isn’t a destination; it’s a mindset.

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