Have we lost the gentle heart of humanity?

In the wake of everything occurring in the world, I have a few things to say.

I’m not talking about race, I’m not talking about politics, and I’m not talking about controversial issues. I’m talking about human life.

I am angry, furious actually, with how people have handled the events as of late.  It is as if people have no respect for common human dignity.

In the past 24 hours, I have seen 3, yes 3, different videos of men dying, yes DYING. Physically gasping for air to fill their failing lungs. Desperately trying to hold onto life as the blood spills out of them. Dying right before my eyes.

How? Scrolling through Twitter.

There are two main reasons this upsets me so deeply:

  1. I did not ask to see this. As most of you may know, as your scrolling through Twitter on your phone and you pass a video, that video automatically plays. There was no “graphic content” warning. I had no idea what I was about to see. A man dying. I immediately became sick to my stomach, as I do not handle blood well. Social media is not the place for this. Case closed.
  2. After being astonished of what I physically just watched, I thought about how that video came to be. A bystander saw a man get shot, and what was that person’s first reaction? To record it. No, not to try to help him. Not to comfort him as his took his last breaths on earth. To record him. Then, to post it on social media. Absolutely revolting.

What as happened to us? Have we lost all sense of what being a decent human being is? Is everything about proving a point? Showing how racist and corrupt our country is? Have we forgot how to care? How to have compassion for others?

I believe we have.

We no longer care for others. We may say we do, but our actions do not show it. We say and do things just for the sake of throwing our opinions out there, and we do not care about the repercussions.

Everything has become a game, but what is the prize? What do you get out of posting a video online if a man dying? I’ll tell you.

You get nothing. Absolutely nothing. Nothing comes out of sharing that kind of information. Maybe sharing it to the police or a court of law, but not sharing it with social media.

You get my disgust. My complete and utter disgust with the kind of human being you are. No caring, gentle individual would share that with the public. No one. Period.

I hope and pray to God that I’m wrong. I hope that people still have compassion for others. I hope that empathy has not become a thing of the past. And I hope that people genuinely care about the issues they are voicing their opinions about, opposed to saying things simply to join the conversation.

I hope that people can still be gentle, loving, and kind. The world needs it.

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