Basic White Girls Are All the Rage

What exactly classifies a “basic white girl”? Is it the brand new riding boots? The venti mocha frappuccino in her hand? Or maybe the Michael Kors purse? Whatever the exact criteria are, it’s ridiculous.

Let me say that again for emphasis…


Why do only white girls get a general term to describe themselves? What about the frat boys that wear pastel-colored shorts and Sperrys? Or the athletes that strictly wear Nike elite socks and basketball shorts? What the hell is so special about white girls?

I’ll be honest with you, I have no idea. Seriously. There is no logical reason for the term “basic white girl.” Honestly, it used to turn me into a pissed off little Italian girl when people said that word around me, but then I realized that I was being totally irrational and I should probably get a grip on my life.

So, I started owning my white girl-ness, and I vowed to be 100% myself, basic or not.

If you love doing something, then do it. If you love wearing something, then wear it. BEING BASIC IS OVERRATED. Secretly, it still makes me a little angry, but whatever maybe one day I’ll get over it. Anyone who calls you “basic” as an insult is probably basic themselves, so f em. Flip your basic-white-girl hair in their face and enjoy your Starbucks in peace.


Just because you may fit some of the criteria to be basic, doesn’t mean that you aren’t a unique individual. Think of all of the reasons that make you unique, and emphasize those. Show people that you aren’t like everyone else. Show them that there is more to you than meets the eye, and I promise that they will admire you.

You may be “basic”, but that does not define you whatsoever. You’re you. Own it.

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