Snow, Snow, Snow, Oh, and More Snow

I am writing this post on behalf of all the tweets that I have seen about hating Ohio and its weather. Let me just mention a few for you. (Anonymously)

“I’m not living in Ohio when I’m older … Not dealing with this weather”

“Forever hating northeast Ohio weather”

“I’ve lived in Ohio my whole life and I’m still not okay with this weather.”

And my personal favorite…


Thank you Twitter search of “Ohio weather” for giving me these accurate, yet depressing tweets. I agree with every single one of them. BUT, I (along with all of my fellow Ohioans) should get over it and realize that it’s February in Northeast Ohio, and we will continue to be cold until April. Sad, but true.

There are currently 27 days until spring officially starts, but we all know that the beginning of spring does not necessarily imply the end of the snow. Based on the final snowfall of last year, (April 15th) we currently have 52 days until we don’t have to deal with snow for a while—maybe.

Would you rather spend those days complaining about Ohio and the bitter cold, or being positive and saying to yourself, “We’re just one day closer to summer.”?

I chose the second option. Although I have complained about the weather probably twice as much as any of you reading this, I have realized that there is absolutely no point to it. Unless you’re going to hop on the next plane to California, stop complaining, suck it up, and get through these next 52 days with a smile on your face. Sorry, I’m just being blunt.

Complaining about the weather won’t make it go away, and it won’t make summer get here any faster. If you’re sitting here in mid-February waiting for summer, then I truly feel bad for you because you will be waiting for quite some time. People always want what they can’t have, and summer is definitely one of those things that you just can’t have right now. Again, I’m sorry.

I’ve witnessed this following scenario time and time again, and I’m sure you all have to.

It’s fall. The trees look absolutely breathtaking, and it’s a crisp 55 degrees outside. Then you hear someone say, “Oh my god I just want it to snow already! I love the snow, it’s so pretty.”

Now, it’s winter. The trees are bare, but the snow gracefully falls onto the them in a perfect outline of the branches. Again, breathtaking. Then you hear the same person say, “Oh my god I am so sick of the cold and the snow. I just want summer.” 

(I’m skipping spring because absolutely no one appreciates it. Even though it is the season that turns the dead grass, trees, and flowers into a beautiful array of colors. Just saying.)

Finally it’s summer. It’s mid-July, the sun is shining, its rays are warming your skin, and you’re laying on the beach (Lake Erie, duh) with your friend, when she turns to you and says, “Oh my god, it’s sooooo hot. I can’t wait until fall. The weather is just perfect then.”

It’s basically a vicious cycle of not appreciating what the world has to offer. We spend our days waiting for something better to come along, and when it does, we’re already looking for the next best thing. It’s such a waste of life. You have to appreciate what you have while you have it. Otherwise, you will never truly be happy.

So, bundle up and embrace the cold and snow. It really is beautiful.

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