Family Is Forever

I just wanted to remind everyone what the holidays are all about:


Sure, all the gifts are nice (pretty awesome actually), but the holidays should really be about spending time with the people you love—mainly your family.

From making cookies together, eating a nice lunch or dinner, playing family board games, or even drinking together (if you’re 21, wink), any time together is time well spent.

I know that in today’s time, it’s so easy to get preoccupied with friends, boyfriends, or girlfriends, but family should always be #1. Like the old saying:

Friends come and go, but family is forever.

It’s true. Family will always be there for you through all of the good and the bad. They are the people that you can count on for absolutely anything, no matter what.

It makes me so sad to see people that have issues with other people in their family. Any circumstance can be overcome with a little effort, so there is no need to cut off relations with any family members, ever.

I’m going to keep this short because it’s Christmas Eve, and my family is currently all over my house, but I just wanted to get this out in case anyone needed to hear these words right now, especially since Christmas is tomorrow.

It’s not to late to rebuild burned bridges with family members before 2014 is over. (Wait, that’s so weird to think that 2014 is almost over..) So, get out there with your boards, nails, and hammers (metaphorically, of course), and fix all your problems with your family. I understand that some problems may be more complex than others and may need time, but now is the time to start.

Remember to say “I love you” to your family, too.

Happy Holidays!

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