Fear can be absolutely crippling. Suffocating. Unbearable.

But only if you allow it to be.

The scariest thing about fear is that it can control your life. Even to the point that you’re afraid to leave your house, or even be in your house. It can consume you, and turn you into a person that you didn’t even know you could be. It can turn the happiest, most outgoing person into a total recluse.

But you can’t let that happen. You can’t let fear win.

In order to overcome whatever (or whomever) you may be afraid of, you have to face the fear head-on. You have to stand up and say:

“You don’t scare me. I am stronger than you. And you can’t beat me “

My biggest fear is death. (Typical, I know) But I have good reason to fear it.

No matter what you believe, death is always uncertain. You never know when it is coming, and you aren’t really 100% sure what happens after you die. You have to have faith.

I’m not writing this to try to scare people, but it’s true. Death is scary, and the fear of dying can tear anyone apart. But fear is just an emotion, and emotions can change in the snap of a finger.

You have to talk yourself out of whatever you’re afraid of, because no matter what it is you will be okay.

Take my fear, death, for example:

Just because I’m afraid to die doesn’t mean that I have to let it control my life. I’m alive, and in my opinion, living in fear of dying is a wasted life. So, I’m suppressing my fear.

I’m living the life I was given. I’m trying new things, going on adventures, exploring the world, and so much more; because I am not letting fear control my life, and neither should anyone else!

So, if you’re afraid of clowns, go watch clown videos on the internet. If you’re afraid of spiders, try looking at pictures of them online (then maybe in person, but that’s a big step, I know). If you’re afraid of death, then simply LIVE. Do whatever you have to do to overcome your fear, and I promise that you will be 100% happier.

Whatever your fear may be, conquer it.

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