What’s Your Story?

In one of my first journalism classes at Kent State University, my professor told the class to take out a sheet of paper and write why we wanted to be journalists. I totally blanked. Honestly, I just chose journalism as my major because I enjoy writing, but I’m sure that’s not the answer he was looking for, so I wrote, “I want to find everyone’s story, because I believe that every single person has his or her own story that needs to be shared.”

Cheesy, I know, but it was true. When I got the paper back he wrote, “How are you going to do this?” I was kind of taken aback by this because I had no idea. No. Freaking. Clue. Since then, I changed my major from journalism to public relations, (which happens to be my third major change in three years, I suck.) but I’m still really interested in this idea.

So today I thought of this brilliant plan while I was taking a shower, which of course is where everyone’s most genius ideas come from, so I wanted to run it by all of you.

First of all, let me explain to you what I mean by a person’s “story.” I think that everyone (regardless of if they think so or not) has their own life story, and each of these “stories” hold life lessons within them.

I feel like this doesn’t make sense, but stay with me here.

These “stories” can be anything from a small moment in your life to literally your entire life. It can be a struggle, a victory, a sad time, a happy time, you name it. Your story is anything that you want it to be, and you have one. One hundred percent. You just have to think about it and find it.

Now, to my brilliant idea…

I want to write/make a story book. I want to get people’s stories, word for word, and literally put hundreds of them into a book. Bam. Brilliant. I just think that so many people have the same struggles (or successes) and it would be absolutely amazing to know that someone shares that experience with you. On the other hand, some people won’t, and that works too because you can learn from other people’s stories.

Maybe I can use my blog to do this, I don’t know. Considering this was just another random shower thought 2 hours ago, I haven’t really thought too much into it. I just wanted to share it and see what people think. If you guys could give me your honest feedback via comments on here, social media, etc. that would be more than great!

P.S. to the people that continuously read my blog (if there are any) thank you and I heart you. Just wanted to get that out there.

2 thoughts on “What’s Your Story?”

  1. I think this is a really amazing idea and I love keeping up with your wonderful blog posts! I would also be willing to share a few short stories for this book.


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